michael kors factory outlet Alibaba Continues To Expand Cloud Data Center Footprint    

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michael kors factory outlet Alibaba Continues To Expand Cloud Data Center Footprint

Alibaba Continues To Expand Cloud Data Center Footprint

AliCloud posted $38 million in revenue last June, a very small portion of its multi billion revenue (around $2.54 billion in USD). However, it is a quickly growing segment and the company continues to open data center locations in support. As we reported in May, the company recentlylaunched a data center in Beijingandanother one in Hong Kong. counterparts, such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud.

The cloud platform is called Apsara. It is built using the Alibaba's own proprietary technology that enables massive scalability. "A single Apsara cluster can be scaled up to 5,000 servers with 100 petabyte storage capacity and 100,000 CPU cores," the company wrote in theSEC documents.

The company developed anadvanced proprietary technology stackto support its growing empire earlier this year. The distributed system, living in data centers in China and Hong Kong, supports a multitude of cloud based services, including rentable infrastructure resources and sophisticated Big Data analytics for marketers.

China is a massive untapped cloud market. While the likes of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are making their way into China, Alibaba represents the biggest local competition going forward.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the offering will be Yahoo, which owns about 23 percent of the company. Yahoo's stake in Alibaba is the second largest after Japanese telco SoftBank's 34 percent stake.

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